Regina for Ubuntu: Precise (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)

If you use Precise Pangolin (the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release), you can obtain packages from the official Regina repository on

This means that Ubuntu will automatically fetch dependencies for you, and your package manager will know when new versions of Regina are released.

  1. Add Regina's location to your list of repositories. To do this, open the Ubuntu Software Centre and select Edit → Software Sources.

  2. Unfortunately, the 12.04 Ubuntu Software Centre has a bug which means you will need to finish the installation by typing commands into a terminal window.

If you are a C++ programmer and you wish to build Regina into your own projects, you should also install the package regina-normal-dev.

If you want the MPI-enabled utilities for use on high-performance clusters, you should install the package regina-normal-mpi.

You might notice that Precise Pangolin already offers Regina as part of its universe section. However, this is the older version 4.90. For the latest version of Regina, you should follow the steps outlined above.

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