Regina Calculation Engine
Here is a list of all modules:
oAlgebraic StructuresVarious algebraic structures
oAngle StructuresAngle structures on triangulations
oCensus of TriangulationsCensus lookup and enumeration for triangulations of various dimensions
o2-Manifold TriangulationsTriangulations of 2-manifolds
o3-Manifold TriangulationsTriangulations of 3-manifolds
o4-Manifold TriangulationsTriangulations of 4-manifolds
oEngine StructureOverall structure of the calculation engine
oVertex EnumerationPolytope vertex enumeration algorithms
oFile I/OFile reading and writing
oForeign File FormatsReading and writing foreign file formats
oDimension-Specific AliasesDimension-specific aliases for generic code
oGeneric codeTemplate code to work with triangulations of arbitrary dimension
oImplementation detailsImplementation details that end users should not need to reference directly
oNormal HypersurfacesNormal hypersurfaces in 4-manifold triangulations
oStandard 3-ManifoldsStandard 3-manifolds whose structures are well-understood
oMathematical SupportUnderlying mathematical gruntwork
oBasic Packet TypesPacket administration and some basic packet types
oProgress TrackingProgress tracking for long operations
oSnapPea TriangulationsInterfaces for accessing the SnapPea kernel
oSplitting SurfacesSplitting surfaces in triangulations
oStandard Triangulations and SubcomplexesStandard triangulations and subcomplexes of triangulations whose structures are well-understood
oNormal SurfacesNormal surfaces in 3-manifold triangulations
oTreewidthTreewidth and tree decompositions
\Miscellaneous UtilitiesMiscellaneous helper classes and functions

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