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Angle Structures

Angle structures on triangulations. More...


class  regina::NAngleStructureVector
 A vector of integers used to indirectly store the individual angles in an angle structure. More...
class  regina::NAngleStructure
 Represents an angle structure on a triangulation. More...
class  regina::NAngleStructureList
 A packet representing a collection of angle structures on a triangulation. More...
class  regina::NXMLAngleStructureReader
 An XML element reader that reads a single angle structure. More...
class  regina::NXMLAngleStructureListReader
 An XML packet reader that reads a single angle structure list. More...


REGINA_API NMatrixInt * regina::makeAngleEquations (const NTriangulation *tri)
 Creates a new set of angle structure equations for the given triangulation. More...

Detailed Description

Angle structures on triangulations.

Function Documentation

NMatrixInt * regina::makeAngleEquations ( const NTriangulation *  tri)

Creates a new set of angle structure equations for the given triangulation.

Each equation will be represented as a row of the matrix, and each column will represent a coordinate in the underlying coordinate system (which is described in the NAngleStructureVector class notes).

The returned matrix will be newly allocated and its destruction will be the responsibility of the caller of this routine.

This routine is identical to the static class method NAngleStructureVector::makeAngleEquations(). It is offered again here as a global routine so that it is accessible to Python users (who cannot access the NAngleStructureVector class).

trithe triangulation upon which these angle structure equations will be based.
a newly allocated set of equations.

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