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regina::boost::noncopyable Class Reference

A base class that guarantees that derived classes cannot be copied. More...

#include <utilities/boostutils.h>

Inheritance diagram for regina::boost::noncopyable:
regina::NListOnCall< NSatBlockStarter > regina::NProperty< bool > regina::NProperty< regina::NAbelianGroup, regina::StoreManagedPtr > regina::NProperty< regina::NAngleStructure, regina::StoreManagedPtr > regina::NProperty< regina::NDiscType > regina::NProperty< regina::NGroupPresentation, regina::StoreManagedPtr > regina::NProperty< regina::NIntegerBase > regina::NCensusHit regina::NCensusHits regina::NLayering regina::NListOnCall< T > regina::NPacket::ChangeEventSpan regina::NProperty< T, Storage > regina::NSatBlockStarter regina::ShareableObject

Protected Member Functions

 noncopyable ()
 A constructor which does nothing. More...
 ~noncopyable ()
 A destructor which does nothing. More...

Detailed Description

A base class that guarantees that derived classes cannot be copied.

This is done by defining a private copy constructor and a private copy assignment operator.

Not present.
This class was taken and modified from the Boost C++ libraries (

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

regina::boost::noncopyable::noncopyable ( )

A constructor which does nothing.

regina::boost::noncopyable::~noncopyable ( )

A destructor which does nothing.

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