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regina::NMarkedElement Class Reference

A base class for elements of NMarkedVector. More...

#include <utilities/nmarkedvector.h>

Inheritance diagram for regina::NMarkedElement:
regina::detail::ComponentBase< 2 > regina::detail::ComponentBase< 3 > regina::detail::ComponentBase< 4 > regina::detail::FaceBase< 2, 0 > regina::detail::FaceBase< 2, 1 > regina::detail::FaceBase< 3, 0 > regina::detail::FaceBase< 3, 1 > regina::detail::FaceBase< 3, 2 > regina::detail::FaceBase< 4, 0 > regina::detail::FaceBase< 4, 1 > regina::detail::FaceBase< 4, 2 > regina::detail::FaceBase< 4, 3 > regina::detail::ComponentBase< dim > regina::detail::FaceBase< dim, subdim > regina::detail::SimplexBase< dim > regina::Dim2BoundaryComponent regina::Dim4BoundaryComponent regina::NBoundaryComponent regina::detail::SimplexBase< 2 > regina::detail::SimplexBase< 3 > regina::detail::SimplexBase< 4 >

Public Member Functions

size_t markedIndex () const
 Returns the index at which this object is stored in an NMarkedVector. More...


template<typename T >
class NMarkedVector
 Allow only NMarkedVector to edit the array index. More...

Detailed Description

A base class for elements of NMarkedVector.

NMarkedVector is a vector class that provides fast, space-efficient reverse lookup of array indices (i.e., given an object, find the index at which it is stored). The way it does this is to store the array indices in the object themselves.

As a result, any type to be stored in an NMarkedVector must be derived from this class. This class provides a space to store the corresponding array index, and looks after access control so that only NMarkedVector can edit this index.

Since indices are stored with the objects, it is possible to perform this reverse lookup by querying the object alone, without any reference to the actual vector. This can be done through the public routine markedIndex().

The trade-off of course is that any object may not belong to more than one NMarkedVector at a time. Any attempt to do this will result in undefined behaviour.

See NMarkedVector for further information.

Not present.

Member Function Documentation

size_t regina::NMarkedElement::markedIndex ( ) const

Returns the index at which this object is stored in an NMarkedVector.

If this object does not belong to an NMarkedVector, the return value is undefined.

the index at which this object is stored.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

template<typename T >
friend class NMarkedVector

Allow only NMarkedVector to edit the array index.

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