regfiletype — Identify the formats of Regina data files


regfiletype {file...}


Between Regina versions 2.4 and 3.0, the data files changed from using an impenetrable and undocumented binary format to using (optionally compressed) XML.

This utility determines which of these formats a given Regina data file is in.

You may pass multiple files on the command line; the format of each file will be written to standard output.

MacOS X Users

If you downloaded a drag-and-drop app bundle, this utility is shipped inside it. If you dragged Regina to the main Applications folder, you can run it as /Applications/

Windows Users

The command-line utilities are installed beneath the Program Files directory; on some machines this directory is called Program Files (x86). You can start this utility by running c:\Program Files\Regina\Regina 4.96\bin\regfiletype.exe.


This utility was written by Benjamin Burton . Many people have been involved in the development of Regina; see the acknowledgements page for a full list of credits.